Join us Wednesday Nights at 7:00 p.m. for our mid-week prayer meeting.  This quarter we will be studying and reading through Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White.  This little, but powerful book is a transformational, classic text about living a true, authentic Christian Life.  Below you will find a complete pdf version of the book (which is used with permission), as well as the weekly lesson study guides we will be using to explore the book together.


Additionally you will also find a link for an audio version of the book which was narrated and produced by our own local church Elder, Pastor Patrick Graham, Youth Director of the Allegheny East Conference.


Complete PDF Version

Download it here!



Lesson Study Guides

Study #1: God’s Love for Man

Study #2: The Sinner’s Need of Christ

Study #3: Realizing our Condition

Study #4: Repentance

Study #5: Confession

Study #6: Consecration

Study #7: Faith and Acceptance

Study #8: The Test of Discipleship

Study #9: Spiritual Growth

Study #10: The Work and the Life

Study #11: A Knowledge of God

Study #12: The Privilege of Prayer

Study #13: The Power of Prayer

Study #14: What to Do With Doubt

Study #15: Rejoicing in the Lord

Study #16: Joy for Now and Eternity!



Steps to Christ Audio Version 



Order your Audio Version here